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product sourcing

Our expertise lies in the ability to join the dots between the thousands of suppliers and manufacturers in Vietnam and the clients that are looking for quality product at the most economical price.

With China becoming more expensive and the quality of the majority of their product not as it should be, there are more and more clients looking for an alternative supply market and this is Vietnam.

Unfortunately, the difficulty then lies with contacting the right supplier, negotiating the best price and making sure that the quality of the end product is consistant.

Quantum Business has been providing this service for a number of years and has built up a myriad of contacts, both within business and government. This means that we can source the best and most economic product.

Additional benefits that come with sourcing product in Vietnam is the Free Trade Agreements between here and a growing number of countries, reducing costs further by elimininating import duties etc.

We have shown some of our products on the following pages. However, we cannot show everything that we can source - the list would be endless! If there is something that you are looking for that is not on here, please contact us HERE or drop us an email us at Quantum Business and we will get back to you with what we can find!

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