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coconut products


Billions of coconuts harvested each year for the coconut industry. Unfortunately, 99% of their shells are discarded and burned as waste! This burning of coconut shells contributes significantly to CO2 and methane emissions.

Every bowl is unique. Their organic irregular shape (and size approx 13cm in diameter) is part of their charm and appeal. Made from hand-picked coconut shells, each bowl is cleaned, polished and finished with a durable food-safe lacquer. People love them for serving everything from breakfast cereal to a tasty salad. Made from a reclaimed material.

Food safe - wash in warm water

Vegan/vegetarian - no animals are harmed in the cultivation or production of these products

Fair trade product

Environmentally friendly

A totally "green" product!

Country of Origin - Vietnam

Small MOQ - from USD3 each plus postage! Email us for a quote!